Project Coordinator

Ethan is a junior at Allegheny College where he studies environmental science and political science. Ethan is the co-editor-in-chief of Allegheny's newspaper and enjoys volunteering at Allegheny's student-run coffee shop. In high school, Ethan led a youth community service group and created a nationwide community cleanup campaign. Ethan facilitates our website and social media pages as well as outreach and planning efforts with the team. "I'm so excited about the potential of the H&S process to bring about a sense of renewed pride and positive change in Rochester," Ethan said.

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H&S Coach

Jeff is our H&S Coach; he provides valuable guidance throughout our process. Jeff is the founder of Revitalize, or Die, a civic organization that assists cities in combating apathy, fostering pride, and rebuilding local economies.


Beaver County Controller;

Team Lead: Organization and Budget

Maria is currently Controller of Beaver County. She started in Rochester over 15 years ago working with the Economic Development group. She also opened and ran a coffee shop on the main street of Rochester for almost 4 years. “I fell in love with Rochester in 2001 when we were searching for a place to put a dessert and coffee shop. I still believe it is a great town and location and am excited for Rochester Heart & Soul. It can help bring Rochester back to life and bring pride back to the community. WE have lots to be proud of.”


Team Lead: Residents

Andrew grew up in Rochester and now lives right across the river in Monaca with his wife Melissa. He serves as the Director of Student Ministries at First Presbyterian Church in Beaver while Melissa is a nurse in the NICU at UPMC Children’s Hospital. Some things Andrew enjoys are the outdoors, his family, and sitting down at DeAngelis donuts with lifelong friends. He’s always been proud of Rochester. His dad, Michael, taught him the deep rewards in investing in community and he hopes to embody this commitment by standing for Rochester and the people of the town.


Borough Manager

John is the manager of Rochester Borough and very excited about the Heart & Soul project!



Heather Busse, a New Sewickley resident, is a middle school English teacher at Rochester. She is passionate about teaching and strives to engage her students in fun and creative ways. She is excited to be a part of Rochester Heart & Soul because she wants to rejuvenate the community and find new ways to utilize community involvement in her classroom.

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